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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Global Personal Identity Crisis and Social Evolution

World-Wide Identification 

Global leaders from every niche and corner of the world involved in corporations, nongovernmental organizations, churches, governments, and the political state all call for one and the other to comply with a global rule of law and universal bio-metric identification of its populaces by 2016. The implementation of local (globally compatible) identity datasets are already in use in 46 of the 50 United States, the whole of Australia, a majority of Europe. Also in the United States, the NSTIC (National Trusted Identities in Cyberspace) objective permits trusted use one's human character online and another program that gives trusted American's the use of a preferential express lane at many of the international airports, many celebrities subscribe to these services and most large transnational corporations provide these services to their executives.

This article will offer an alternative to the developing problem for the most open-minded, resilient, individuals, independent professionals, doctors, lawyers, professors, artists, musicians, authors, academics, and inventors who wish to maintain themselves apart from the state and its corporate interests. It will also provide readers the opportunity to take action by becoming a global citizen.

Global Identification will become Universal

Your personal identity is what defines who you are and denotes which privileges you may be entitled to within a given society or during your life. It is very important especially in the identification and filtering of persons at secure checkpoints like at borders, airport terminals, and at public or private buildings. For public security and safety governments and corporations want to take the identification of natural persons to the next level in order to protect our communities, shopping centers, schools and parks.

Now the role of global identification becomes more important with the United Nations Post-2015 agenda because the institutions we have created and those who guide order in our society want to make the world safer and more equal through giving everyone their identity and equal opportunities. It is an Utopian ideal.

There are currently over 500 major global players (organizations, corporations, and governments) moving the new identity market wave at a number of levels. The identity revolution underway now will effect will effect every man, woman, and child on the planet that works for money to participate in the free-market economy, individual human identity will play a big role in the way everything works.

Organizations like UNICEF are trying to deliver people their identity everywhere with children even in the Amazon rainforest. They want to ensure that everyone has a fair and equal chance.
"Understanding others makes possible a better knowledge of oneself: any form of identity is complex, for individuals are defined in relation to other people - both individually and collectively - and the various groups to which they owe allegiance, in a constantly shifting pattern." -UNICEF

Obligated Identification

Let's dispel and discredit the conspiracy suppositions people have about the New World Order or the Christian 'mark of the beast' relative to chips, implants, and the invasion of their privacy. Within the next two years 98% of all humans will essentially be required to have a bio-metric identification card that displays their photograph. There is a great abundance of information that will prove this, the need for a global identity data superset is paramount to a peaceful, integral, transparent, and sustainable world. It is social evolution.

The law combined with global standardization (globalization) of the world's ecosystems and the use of the internet and wireless devices driven to create a perfect world will create the necessity and obligate everyone to be involved with the socially responsible agenda of the United Nations. People, their identity, and their intellectual property will indirectly become the property of corporate employers, marriages, or their own state if one is engaged in a legal relationship, is living within a particular jurisdiction, owns land, has investments, for which corporation one works, or under what other entity can claim your ecological debt based existence on the planet.

We are not going to fight something that is so obviously inevitable, instead our solution was to discover the matrix behind the system and create an acceptable legal alternative that will satisfy the new incorporated global bodies (states) in a world-wide identification ecosystem.

Everyone Working Together Against Everyone Else

Through the years we gave the corporations power and control over the government by unconsciously empowering them beyond the economic boundaries of their parent state as legal persons through their incorporation under the law. This is what makes transnationals and internationals like Wal-Mart, Exxon, Facebook, and Google more global influence than any particular state, together they promote the ideals of free-market capitalism through their transparent union as a connected and collaborative force that serve one another. Through the law and the obligations they create in society they become the protected and more important legal person even more so than a real natural human.

It should not surprise us to see someone like Mark Zuckerberg someday become a world leader in coming years, he is probably already be considered a world leader by some. Bill Gates already is, with his foundation he and his wife have a profound effect on public policy and the United Nations.

Today in 2015 there are now; 193 nations, 4000 cities, 1000 corporations, and 700 foundations that all together seek the same result in identifying and creating equality for everyone, so we have little doubt that it will be done day very soon. It's advent will have a great initial positive effect on the majority of people.

Only Way to Opt-Out

The only way to become independent from the integrated government corporate infrastructure is to distinguish yourself as an independent human individual or natural person, and the only way to do it is to do it yourself through joining a global offshore venture and by identifying yourself as a nonaligned political citizen, to take control (possession) of your personal identity in all its forms.

To take possession of your natural and legal identity as a human being you must first take stock in all the elements that make you who you are legally as a person and begin to complete a legal process which includes registering as global citizen or become a dual-national, offshore your intellectual property, make legal notice, get acknowledged, and take a deposition in the form of an affidavit. It is quite a difficult chore that should not be taken lightly would require an individual to hire legal counsel.

Not everyone is in a comfortable or knowledgeable position to do this so we have begun forming a venture (a cooperative enterprise) that facilitates the process for you and acts internationally as your representative with others there to assist you around the world in nearly every country. Actually taking advantage of the citizenship opportunity involves an equal investment as a founder in the cooperative then a commitment to collaborate within the socioeconomic operation and enterprise.

Our Global (World) Citizenship Register

Globcal International established a politically neutral register in Sweden to develop a non-state non-governmental global citizenship where registrants can participate in the establishment of an international cooperative enterprise where they can seek all the same rights and privileges internationally as if they were one of the world states, global corporations or a world leader. As a result of our development you can take charge of your identity as an equal member of our cooperative.

In our ideal we are following the letter of the international law while exploiting all the loopholes and exceptions that provide the most adaptability, flexibility, self-determination, sustainability, and inalienable human rights freedoms. The result is identifying those who consider themselves to be universal world citizens and inviting them to become equal founding or charter members of an offshore cooperative international non-governmental organization and charitable foundation. From within this special cooperative infrastructure all the members gain special benefits, privileges, rights and entitlements.

One of those greatest benefits is members may possess their personal identity (instead of the state) while they are active as members and global citizens, and now with the advancement of our Global Citizen ePassport Companion identification system and the development of new international embassies, we are more and more prepared everyday thanks to our expansion online and through the social media.

At the end of the day it may come down to who will provide you with better services and more privacy, your own cooperative company, your government, or corporation where you are a consumer?

Join us by registering as a universal world citizen now so you can take possession of your true personal identity and all of its elements. Your human spirit and intellectual freedom need to be preserved so that you are in a better position to negotiate your horizons among the changing landscape. Register today to learn more, there are hundreds of potential benefits!

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To join me and the rest of the goodwill ambassadors at Globcal International contact me directly through my Google+ Profile to learn more about Globcal International or about becoming an ambassador. To learn more you can visit our website or perform a Google Search to find out all you like about our organization and our ambassadors.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

21st Century Identity, Passports and Travel Documents

Cover design Frank Verspoor,
Creative Commons

New Start as a Global Citizen

When Globcal International developed the Global Citizenship Registry on Facebook, the ideal was for individuals to declare their personal intellectual independence from the jurisdiction of nation-state governmental and corporate democratic authority they exist within (the matrix). We finally managed the concept through a complex horizontal infrastructure (cooperative) development based in our own practice as a organization established through offshore jurisdiction (at sea) between living natural persons collaborating under private international, admiralty, and maritime law.

Our project began October 9 as is the only register that incorporates the United Nations Global Goals (SDG)s and exists as an offshore international non-governmental organization commission. Our efforts are supported by the contemporary international law of this moment in time. There is a one time lifetime fee of 13€ Euro to add your name to the registry; the fee includes a certificate of registration, an identity registration card, and access to the global citizenship library (100+ books on citizenship and our project concept).

The objective here-forth will be to establish a cooperative group of people from around the world with similar values and interests through the social media and Internet networks (the socially conscientious noosphere) to fulfill the purposes of creating the registry and a civil community or sustainable society therefrom. The ideal also is to unite all those who would otherwise be disconnected through their diverse individual organizations and projects with special legal powers as global citizens to develop mutual understanding.

Many individuals and organizations that have similar ideals to our own, however most fail to realize their heart felt goals and are halted in their paths, because they get tied up in the business of their national foundations (under administrative legal compliance) and are otherwise incorporated within or under the nation-states where they are geographically located. Some organizations are even controlled or sponsored by other organizations (governments and foundations) instead of natural persons resulting in the individual role of each natural person being diminished and overpowered.

New Non-Governmental Identity

Our organization (Globcal International) began years ago to develop a travel document and personal credential for our Goodwill Ambassadors of the World project in 2009 so that they could travel liberally, acquire visas, and enter countries as a special visitor or volunteer working with a non-governmental organization.

Now with our registry our plans intuitively changed to include creating an organization based on preserving our individual identity with the creation of a special 'de facto' personal identification based on an individual's digital, bio-metric, and global social identity which they personally own and declare through the cooperative register. The action (act) removes all those elements of personal identity that cannot be owned by anyone except the individual.
Global Citizenship RFID Prototype

Our products unlike others are not passports, nor substitutes for passports, we call them "e-passport companion credentials" which are personally owned identity documents that are chartered and created for you through our offshore cooperative foundation to create global citizen-ships. They resemble passports for convenience and to provide the bearer with a personally owned identity document developed and prepared under individual personal authority.

Our e-passport companion document will be made available to those who become part of the registry and the cooperative, it will be valid in 120 countries under the same development and pretenses as the Laissez-Passer we have developed for our ambassadors. We are certain it will work to serve members of our new objectives well, it has worked for us so far as a legitimate form of identity verification, further our document does not appear, nor shall appear in the European Union's passport blacklist, because it is not a passport.

The particular e-passport version we are working on now version 2.0 (for release in January) is much more as it is a highly sophisticated RFID electronic high-tech device that uses NFC and WiFi that protects the user and their resources in complete confidence. The device has 81 programmable features using a smartphone and 27 layers of security. The extreme version even has a solar panel and battery, a waterproof holder, all very compact and very formal.

There will be several e-passport companion identity document versions available for students, volunteers, individuals, private persons, and a quasi-diplomatic credential which provides special visitor status in some nations.

Our current plans are to make the special document available and with customization to well-known and accepted international organizations that sign the Global Citizen Treaty with our new cooperative. Members will be able to get their own personal credential with a selection of color jackets, cover embossing, and content theme for their personal credential. Those who order the credential are not necessarily required to be members of the cooperative, but they do need to have their name inscribed in the register.

We have already agreed to prepare passports for Kentucky Colonels International, an international fraternal group, the credential will include a special page indicating they were commissioned and by which governor. There will be thousands of possible entries in each credential, it is as diverse as the options available in the social media.

Historical Efforts with Citizenship and Passports

There have been many attempts and great debates defining and gaining control over who owns or can authorize our human identity as individuals, us or the state. There have also been a number of efforts to become independent of the state through the creation of a world passport. Aristotle asked the question 2000 years ago and called for cosmopolitanism, since then we have all gone the opposite way and chose to ally under the protection of nations, leaders and kingdoms to reside and become their citizens in an unjust unconscious state.
World Citizenship Freedom Garry Davis in 2013 shortly
before he died defending his right to be
a citizen of the world instead of his nation.

If we research well we will quickly discover that there has nearly always been an association movement pushing for the ideal of global citizenship. According to Rene Wadlow, President of the Association of World Citizens, "The first organization was the Commonwealth of World Citizens in 1938 with Hugh Schonfield, followed in 1939 by the World Citizens Association created in the USA and England. After World War II, the movements were restarted in Paris in 1948. In 1975 the Association of World Citizens (AWC) was founded."

My research took me much deeper and to many countries and I learned everything about the WSA and spoke with Garry Davis (deceased 2013), founder of the World Service Authority (WSA) and World Government, he is also self-declared as the world's first global citizen in 1948 with the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Eleanor Roosevelt endorsed Davis as well. His product was the World Citizen Passport or World Passport which he began development of with the founding of his organization; it was recognized as valid for travel to many nations for a great many years.

His venture was popular, he sold the world passport to a million people and gave them world citizenship over 59 years; but it was unsuccessful because it was inconsiderate of world affairs and the existent diversity when he declared a separate world government overriding all the laws and statutes in existence in all nations, and soon viewed skeptically. Today using the passport in absence of a national passport results in immediate detention, it happened to the passport's founder a half-dozen times since he began in 1954. The Garry Davis story is very interesting, but we do not recommend using the World Passport.

One of the other things is that we noticed that the organizations including Davis' never thought to understand that they could not exist as incorporated under a particular government register for tax purposes and have global jurisdiction.

Passport produced between
several organizations together in France.
I went further to cross language barriers and found what seems like several organizations working together to set-up a replacement or alternative governmental system in France who also offer a passport that calls for free movement and settlement. We found two different projects in France with two different intents.

One is the Universal Citizen Passport (2010) and the other is is a bit different Citoyens du Monde (2014). Though they are not blacklisted they offer very little in comparison with our project, the passports are not currently in use for crossing international borders and are not accepted by airlines. The problem with all the attempts to create a passport is that none of them were founded within the legal and jurisdictional bounds of international law and other bodies of law beyond the jurisdiction of France.

All the identification documents named and those which appear in the list are legal identification documents within a country, but not valid for crossing borders or affixing visas, now prohibited in 2014. Strict new regulations in 2016 will make the RFID national passport a standard and cut back on identity fraud is less frequent and is less likely at international borders. 

We discovered early when performing our investigation and research that Interpol and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with the European Union maintain an extensive list and reference of 178 passports that they consider to be fantasy, unrecognized, fraudulent, or camouflage passports which they prohibit all border control agents in all countries to accept or affix visas to. That does not make them illegal though, camouflage passports are widely used civilly for a number of purposes, personal I do not recommend any of them, because it is very likely that they can get you detained or arrested.

There are a number of passports that are valid for travel issued by organizations among them are the Red Cross, the Knights of Malta, and the Vatican which are not a members of the United Nations, they are observers however.