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Globcal International was founded based on establishing transparent communication globally among people who have come together with similar interests involving diplomacy, goodwill and a better world despite differences based on culture, politics, language, national heritage, or religion. Our primary goal for a number of years involved developing better social media networks.

A Big Collection of eBooks

During the last seven years since we began our organization as a model social network group we have indulged in a great number of social experiments to discover the evolving human and changing patterns in consciousness. Over this period we have also learned about the nature of the human being and the deep conflicts that exist within our own identity. Over these seven years there have also been a great number of others (everyone from students, to universities, to social media professionals) involved in the elaboration of new ideals and the invention of new concepts that have changed our world and our perception of it.

For our organization these changes have been significant and difficult to keep up with; so much in-fact that we have had to update our core principles a dozen times. The most difficult part of our realization has been the requirement to defend our ideals against anonymous social media trolls and others that want to unscrupulously take our open-source developments and convert them into vehicles for control over others and to earn profits.

After careful examination of our own human nature and condition we have identified (along with others) the greatest barriers preventing the unification of humanity; now thanks to the United Nations and the the collective consciousness that is emerging we finally have a chance to remove these obstacles that have lead to our problems which we constantly encounter with one another.

To preserve our humility in order to enable ourselves to remain perceptive in our development until now we have based our formation utilizing the most basic tools with a small resource base. This has allowed us to keep our horizons open until this new moment in history.
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Our Libraries

Here on our website, in our blog, and in the cloud we have collected some of the best and least known resources that indicate our futures as others around the world perceive it. These resources are available to members, associates and some of them to the public depending upon where we found or acquired them. Most copyrighted materials (published books) are only available to members, only some of them are available to the public. Please review some of the following titles that we have made available as a shared resource to deepen your knowledge of our world ahead.

We currently have over 5000 titles available in our cooperative member library, copyright law prevents us from sharing titles that are not publicly accessible through an Internet search; these restrictions and laws do not apply to Globcal International members who receive unrestricted access. A smaller library of selected eBooks on the topic of neo-citizenship is accessible to those who sign the Global Citizenship Registry based in Sweden.

Our library contains 5041 titles and is growing everyday thanks to others sharing sample copies with us and our members adding titles that they purchased on-line through Amazon, Google or other book sellers. Included are over 600 different encyclopedias and reference works. Globcal International is not in the business of selling books or information, we only share with our members; we feel that our members need the opportunity to become capacitated and have the opportunity to behold this crucial knowledge. The smarter we become the more we can understand the world around us.

If you are the author of one of these works and have the edition we are sharing for sale or otherwise protected please contact us and request that we remove your work from our public shared resource. To the best of our knowledge all works we share publicly are not protected or were placed intentionally online for sharing from universities or publishers.

For information on how to become a member you are welcome to contact me personally or join the Global Citizenship Registry as a politically non-aligned individual with your state politics under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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