Knowledge: Facebook Public Diplomacy or Democratic Diplomacy

These are some of the articles that were forwarded for further consideration and incorporating in our Globcal Social Public Diplomacy program study course for those seeking confirmation as Ambassadors.

The Power of Grassroots Leaders

Effective Solutions to End Extreme Poverty can be Found among the Unsung Grassroots Leaders in the World's Poorest Countries.

Over the last 50 years, countries around the world have tried to reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty. Collaborative efforts of nations have also tried to resolve the associated problems, including the lack of access to basic survival tools, education, health and the degradation of the natural environment.

Egyptian Activists Challenge Facebook-Enabled Diplomacy 2.0

The anonymous Egyptian youth activist with the Shabab 6 April movement at today's Alliance of Youth Movements Summit at Columbia University law school had a bone to pick with Facebook, but reserved his ire for the American government. It's bad enough that Facebook's group restrictions -- limits on how active members can be, restrictions on booting troublemakers out -- make organizing tricky. But he had far harsher words for the United States government's support of the reign of Hosni Mubarak. Why, he asked, was the U.S. so committed to perpetuating a repressive government against the wishes of that country's citizenry?

State Department videos embarrass the U.S.

State Department videos embarrass the U.S. among audiences abroad while the Department’s top promoter of Public Diplomacy 2.0 pushes to eliminate Voice of America radio journalism in favor of TV and Internet propaganda advertising and broadcasting based on Cold War models.

James Glassman on Public Diplomacy 2.0

The first features Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy James K. Glassman who will be speaking on the subject, "Public Diplomacy 2.0."

Glassman will be sharing his thoughts on how new technology, including social networking, is changing the face of public diplomacy - specifically, how new technology fits Glassman's new approach to engaging with foreign audiences by convening and facilitating rather than preaching and directing.

Beyond Good Intentions - New Blog Good to Follow

After years of working with aid projects around the world, Tori Hogan came to the unfortunate realization that the vast majority weren’t drastically improving lives. She seeks answers in Beyond Good Intentions.

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