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Thursday, June 18, 2009

World Leaders Coalition to be Launched on Facebook by Globcal


International Online Newsfeeds, Thursday, June 18, 2009 -- The World Leaders Coalition is scheduled to initiate its activities on Facebook through Globcal and its groups; the "Facebook People's Embassy" and "Facebook Diplomatic Corps" this Fall. The coalition group consists 32 world leaders and up to 450 other global role models that include movers and shakers like; Nobel prize winners, former presidents, current heads of state, and many well known celebrities currently serving as goodwill ambassadors for the United Nations, the European Union, and other noteworthy organizations and efforts.

The world leaders featured in the program include US President Barack Obama, Brazilian President Lula Da Silva, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Argentina President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, and other European, African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian Leaders, including the Presidents of China and India. There are also religious and political leaders involved based on the non-conflict peace based coalition message campaign they will support together. Some of the goodwill ambassadors include Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Elton John, Sting, and many more.

These leaders and motivated personalities are united through their base public alignment, common beliefs, causes, and similar idealism on certain matters including human rights, organized labor, peace, anti-corruption, cooperation, fair-trade and more. The program is an interactive cross-platform communications sub-network that allows transparency between the extremes using agents (ambassadors) as intermediaries.

It is from the Facebook People's Embassy that anyone on Facebook can communicate with ambassadors from its diplomatic corps whom will be representing the World Leaders Coalition.

The Facebook People's Embassy program ambassadors are assigned for each geopolitical and cultural niche to include most social circles, groups of people, and geo-regions, these Ambassadors are given the privilege to directly post a weekly dispatch and communicate directly with these all of the world leaders collectively. Ambassadors post their weekly dispatch based on their communications in the Embassy and from the special Ambassador pages assigned and authorized by Globcal on local and global matters presented by their constituencies. Dispatches are presented under strict protocols and ambassadors are trained to be familiar with presentation rules and writing style.

The Facebook People's Embassy and the World Leader's Coalition will become fully operational on Facebook beginning in September or October. Their programs and development will be done through the Globcal Cooperative which is developing the contacts and interface for the cross-platform application that permits this facilitated communication that results in "power to the people."

Globcal is working with the Facebook People's Embassy to find, qualify, and train many more ambassadors from many countries, groups, and organizations to feed the World Leader's Coalition communications Dispatch. Since much of the development work is done on a spare time and volunteer basis much additional assistance is also still needed to accrue content for the base website as well.

To follow the news and stay informed join the Embassy and become a Fan of the Globcal page on Facebook. Outside of Facebook you can keep up with new developments by bookmarking Globcal.Org or subscribing to the Globcal blog at Blogger.

For more information contact: Col. David Jeffrey Wright, Founder and Project Developer, Facebook People's Embassy (formerly MUNSNE) in Caracas, Monday through Friday at +58(212)516.03.61 or write to


The final list of participant leaders will be amended to this article no later that June 19, 2009.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Model United Nations, Social Network Embassy

The Model United Nations, Social Network Embassy (MUNSNE) is an international goodwill program of the Globcal Cooperative Coalition which is a cooperative non-profit organization formed to advocate and promote social networking through nonviolent communication and active involvement in social network platforms. Heads of state, cabinet ministers, chancellors or secretaries, their representative assigned ambassadors, professional networkers from selected networks, and others are recruited and licensed as Globcal|MUNSNE ambassadors, diplomats, or cooperators in the coalition effort. This is a very unique project that enables better communication in social platforms online.

In the Model UN Social Network Embassy (Diplomatic Corps), persons are selected from various networks that are familiar with their benefits and others who are competent in social networking where they operate the Social Network Policy Institute. Ambassadors are issued letters of credence with a clear diplomatic assignments to promote information communications technology in their respective territories through actively using techniques and methods that are considered as best practices by the institute. Ambassadors fulfill their roles by learning about diplomacy, adapting its application, and demonstrating its practicality on Facebook and other networks.

The diplomatic corps is a training ground and content resource group on Facebook that permits those learning about diplomacy and best practices that want to become ambassadors to contact other ambassadors and learn about what we do. We also have auditors, mentors, and observers that have the opportunity to consult with our members.

The ambassadors promote a baseline of new media | social media content relative to issues which has been recognized as non-regional matters in benefit of all of humanity such as; peace, environment, human rights, anti-corruption, and other matters that have evolved in the public view as politically correct.

The MUNSNE program was developed to work together cooperatively with many social networks that have proven to be valuable in the development of their own social networks and the new media forms that have evolved therein. Our collective effort focuses on etiquette, protocol standards, rules of engagement, and the establishment of social networks as a professional tool for internet users as a verifiable, safe, and secure mode for completing governmental, diplomatic and international work. To accomplish this work the program has adopted a number of topics and agendas that indifferently and positively promote non-controversial and non-violent communications among these networks.

The program engages cooperative owner agents who serve as secretaries, ambassadors, consulates, delegate members, and individual citizen members that are active within and interact throughout the Internet in an array of social networks and forums on a daily basis. Ambassadors have all had their identities confirmed and sign special agreements to interact as our officials within the Embassy and throughout the world independently within other networks under our rules of engagement with others. Together collectively, the diplomats provide and share information in the embassy to help one and the other extend and promote ethical social networking practices, present worthwhile projects, and introduce developing protocol standards from the core group.

The Social Network Embassy program has several primary activities that it performs online in other networks:
  1. Liaison with other social networks through their individual members and by means of groups to study, evaluate, and review network methodology relevant to communication and privacy.
  2. Promote social networks that we have evaluated, tested, and endorsed as conformable to our international standards applicable to be recognized as a cross-platform integral network.
  3. Establish an ISO/ANSI specification for social networks that establishes a standard of good practice across multiple networks for professional network use, presentation, and style.
  4. Collaborate with major social networks and permit them to have input through their own independent liaisons, ambassadors, or from within their company and agents.
  5. Promote kindness and reciprocity to social networkers by demonstrating a goodwill agenda, networks that we endorse by using them, and a baseline message by selecting good value neutral content that has been adopted or ratified by most nations.
Ambassadors are selected based on their ability and willingness to participate and learn to interact below standards they consider acceptable and appropriate for effective global international communications with important organizations and world leaders on a specific range of problems facing our world using the new media technologies and existing open social networking platforms.

A basic website goes online this week to watch it develop you can visit the temporary site Globcal.

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