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The following news release is intended for local circulation and member reader distribution so all that involved within the Globcal International Commission as developers and participants are well-informed. A formal press release will be issued upon actual commencement and presented here in AP Style for World-Wide distribution once the project goes live on Indiegogo, Causes, and Crowdfunder.

Globcal International Commission News for November 2013

Globcal International
(social media charity) introduces a new research, verification, and framework structural strategy for public funding transparency of independent charitable social responsibility projects with the general public that stimulates global sustainable change and mass socio-cultural reform. The project provides people in poverty through their own indie community leaders operating from within their communities to innovate their lives in compliance with the new sustainable demands of the new emergent cultural revolution in humanity today. The framework pre-qualifies individual community leaders globally through the social media platforms and challenges crowdfunding, angel investment, charitable giving, and philanthropic social media developers and platforms.

The general idea in the social media world revolves around the generation, movement, recycling and presentation of information, news and ideas. The introduction of network user thoughts and achievements that gain reciprocal praise or support from friends and acquaintances through showing kudos for consensus views and commentary are the basis for satisfaction that is actively exchanged. This support based within additional mutual interests and demonstrating the mutual efforts of helping one another is the basis for the establishment of the social network friendship. 

The new framework addresses all of the top 30 crisis issues simultaneously on the UN's global consensus agenda list and gives direct immediate access to the smallest community organizers and people in need in remote communities by bringing their project directly to the public bypassing their local, national and international political systems that often prevent sustainable change.

The agenda focus is to encourage the world to help top "change agendas" like the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the International Co-operative Alliance Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade, and the UN Global Compact on local levels that create sustainable socioeconomic systems.

The program is designed to create more accessible local routes for the general public and individual "gung ho volunteers" to access and support large scale socially responsible humanitarian change through a qualified team of international local ambassadors located all over the world as intermediary coordinators of these individual projects. The program is being actively field tested throughout November and December to develop a working model and formula.

The newly qualified team of goodwill ambassadors are now actively presenting a single nonprofit social media charity campaign development model specifically designed to promote a giving forward and charitable ethic online. They are doing the project openly hoping others will copy their examples and participate in the development during their R&D phase to gain experience. Participants will be able to access the project codenamed e³ or earth³ on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, YouTube, and other social networking platforms.

The "live experimental" project challenges the parameters of the design concept beginning during the first part of November and has a potential impact to reach and objectively improve the lives nearly 500 people currently living in poverty during the first 60 days and indirectly reach over 2500 people socioeconomically during the first calendar year. The object will be to permanently affect and plant the seeds of sustainable independence and community.

One of the founders Col. David Wright said, that as far as he knows, "we are the first collaborative professionally organized social media team made up of goodwill ambassadors (some famous and others not so famous) formed as a cooperative that is open to the public, made up of the public through social media, promoting the activist idea of the development of social responsibility and the public good. Through the idea we can save lives and revolutionize the way society thinks about people less fortunate than themselves."

He also said in the social media, "the good feelings we have in community when we experience our own virtue, benevolence, charity, nobility, honor, and very heart felt essence, add to our spirituality and fortitude as humans. I realized this when I was commissioned as a Kentucky colonel and became a goodwill ambassador for Kentucky and took it to heart."

The result of collaborative efforts will lead to an artificial intelligence development to bring their API and idea mobile. The model being promoted will serve as a template for others to utilize based on a phone app sometime in 2014 and will be interesting.


For more information about Globcal International and the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World please see our website and projects under development now online.
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