Cooperative Membership Program

Membership is a Legal Civil Status

Benefiting from cooperative membership in other nations.

We are a cooperative our membership benefits such as sovereignty, goodwill ambassadorship, laissez-faire credentials, fellowship and citizenship can only be realized through an understood relationship created with a free and good, natural person (individual) who becomes part of our international foundations as an engaged stakeholder and benefactor.

Cooperative institutional membership is based in an agreement to participate and share in the formation and development of our organization as a legally invested stakeholder (shareholder/owner). To be a stakeholder a person must invest equally in proportion to other members beholding equal privileges to gain ownership rights over the collective assets of the organization; including facilities and infrastructure in various countries; or on a lesser scale you can join us as a benefactor/protector in one of our principle foundations.

We experimented with our actual formational development for many years 2009-2020; thanks to observations and experience with governments, international migration, war, conflict, religion and politics leading us to recreate ourselves as an independent international non-governmental organization formed of united like-minded individuals, but also as a sovereign self-governed border-less nation base with program developments established from member associated legal properties in trust, (embassies & friendship centers) developed under international cooperation agreements involving land based reservations, conservation refuges, biodiversity reserves, and sustainable indigenous settlements.

Started and Operated by Goodwill Ambassadors

As a result of our work efforts, we established a very diverse cooperative organization operated by over 33 recognized and noteworthy individuals who are all legally goodwill ambassadors, thanks to their patient insight, leadership and guidance during our formative years we managed to create our own legal existence notwithstanding governments or nation-states; we operate online, use the blockchain, maintain friendships as fellows and under the same ideal have a sovereign existence based in our mutual understanding of the international laws as if we are floating within our very own worthy vessel on the high-seas. The cooperative enterprise infrastructure we developed is multilevel, multipurpose and multi-stakeholder so you may say we are really a fleet of affiliated ships. 
The golden key to our creation is based in the same secretive customs that gave rise to the Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II of Windsor and empowers institutions like the Catholic Church, our existence at sea within any of our many ships is so to exist by the Grace of God and the very life that our members exalt in the ideals that bring us unity in our international manifestation. Our focus here needs to acknowledge that "no free and natural man shall be prohibited from exercising his human rights to pursue that which is not regulated, prohibited, controlled or subscribed in law." Once we understand these principles we realize that there are many laws that cannot be applied to sovereign humans as creators. 
Within nations our members are either legally obliged as subjective citizens of their own nation-states where they are subjects to the jurisdiction and obligations determined by the nation therein or preferably as a "good" natural persons (travelers) that can travel outside the legal jurisdiction of the state (they belong to) in order to take advantage of their life, liberty, self-determination, freedom and individual sovereignty. To be considered a "good" person you need only a valid passport to prove that you exist, national governments may only issue passports to people that have no pending or outstanding issues that impede their eligibility to possess one, having one says that you are a good and law abiding person by your nation.

This organization was developed to promote and protect itself as a sovereign and benevolent organization with special (customary) rights afforded to us as a civil society by the United Nations, the Hague Convention, the International Maritime Organization and other authorities who recognize us as a benign non-state actor.

Important Note: To obtain the right to "act" outside the jurisdiction of your nation-state you must first concern and idealize yourself within your divine rights as a natural inhabitant of the planet at liberty living in harmony individually instead of being party of a particular nation-state or religious-state of being and existence, once people dispel the assumptions and see the legal framework they begin to raise themselves to an equal playing field with their counterparts. Eligibility is based on your understood engagement as a person under international private law, not your national constitution. Our program is confidential and guaranteed to deliver results.

On the earth we are one, no one shall be denied their understood and equal human rights!

Opportunities, Benefits and Requirements

There are three basic classes of membership that provide access to our special cooperative network and international legal statesmanship.

We offer lifetime, regular and associate membership all those who join us as member owners pay through one of several membership plans starting at just $250.00 USD per year, an initiation fee, plus dues to gain control over an (one) equal share of the cooperative and become fully trained through our international development program.

Lifetime Membership Now Includes

  • Complete assisted biographical development portfolio online. 
  • Placement as a Globcal International ambassador in your local news media.
  • Legal name on our principle page and in statutory documents.
  • A co-managed social media presence in Facebook as a public figure or professional.
  • Private email address for official intrastate embassy correspondence.
  • Closed secure network communications workspace. 
  • Published nomination recommendations for deeds to well-known titles.
  • Notification to your national president of your international representation. 
  • Letters patent for presentation of your international mission (domestic or foreign).
  • Secure encrypted online homologation file for use with the blockchain. 
  • International motor vehicle operator's license.
  • Complete well developed website focused on members five year agenda.
All our members are qualified and recognized by multiple countries, the Holy See, the Hague, in Switzerland, and through a series of scheduled engagements and postal letters during their first full year after joining as a consulate (working under an ambassador) or as an associate member working for the organization in a directorship. (As of June 2020)

To streamline membership understanding and remove legal barriers between independent natural persons with the organization as new members we created a registry for "non-state citizenship" in Sweden that is prerequisite to becoming a member at any level, it is to ensure that we are involved with persons that are taking actions towards their own free-will and not as a jurisdictional character or subject of any particular state.

As a global citizenship registrant you gain neutral international observer status for just 27€ (one-time fee). All types of individual membership include access to tax-free and duty-free fair-trade services as they develop between members and other cooperative community projects around the world. Those who register as non-state global citizens can qualify for credential services including travel passports and special visas or they can apply to join Globcal International. (Program under revision.)

Lifetime Membership (Founder, Charter and Life)

As of March 21st, lifetime owner membership (1/1000th enterprise stakeholder) was increased to $4,890* USD (one-time fee) based on our collective international development being valuated at 4.89 million dollars. Our start-up phase begins during the second trimester May through the end of August of 2017.

Lifetime (formerly charter membership) is recommended for those who already have professional diplomatic skills, officially represent an organization, represent a nation-state, or represent a cultural population living in an autonomous geographic region (city, community, village, reservation, park or natural monument).

Lifetime members are expected to regularly support the organizational development by collaborating with numerous projects annually with the minimum requested support (from $30-$50 monthly average) instead of paying dues and to serve without remuneration as a corporate officer, commissioner or board member under a solemn oath in a trusteeship/fellowship.

The price of membership reflects interest held in the net valuated assets of the organization for life and the appreciable value of the stakeholder share.

Regular Membership

Regular membership involves a single lifetime commitment of $3,750, plus monthly dues of $13-$50, an approved project site, and a two year contractual working relationship to develop a permanent mission with a hospitality center, global citizenship embassy, friendship house or other type of tourism destination within our cooperative business model.

Regular membership is also appropriate for the development of an 'independent member led mission' as a national, regional, or cultural goodwill ambassador and for developing projects involving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Regular membership is for the most active protagonists that want to make a name for themselves in the area of international cooperation, disaster relief missions, sustainable development and social justice settlement.

Alternatively: You can become a regular member on your individual standing, through a sponsor or as a representative of an organization for about $3 per day for three years. Once granted a fully apportioned membership the individual receives the same benefits and privileges as a lifetime (charter) member aforementioned above. Any duly organized corporation, association, cooperative, fraternal organization, tribal group, community or local governmental entity can sponsor an individual. Payments are $500 down and about $90.00 per month for 36 months, those living in impoverished (third-world and fourth-world nations) can also qualify for a scholarship of up to 40% less if they are prepared with a project development site with local support.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is $429 USD initially (first year $250 membership plus $180 administrative initiation fee), consecutive years are then $250 USD per year for five more years until working associates are recognized as fully privileged lifetime members at no additional cost. We call this working membership and give associates a 60% grant for $2,100 based on each one assuming an essential and critical role as a director, committee chair, or team leader on one of our projects or developments.

Associate membership has become our most popular membership class because it allows any university student or lifetime graduate to develop an independent professional career in goodwill diplomacy, hospitality, tourism and professional public relations at a very high practical level; it includes a self-study professional development program, a biographical media profile development, and an orientation course as a public figure during the first full year.

What is Expected from Member Employee Owners?

All three of these types of these memberships are governed by Maritime Admiralty law and private international law; as well as the standards by which we have set for our organization as a model internationally. Your professional working relationship and active participation as an official, board member, legal representative, committee member and/or as functionary employee with financial remuneration and dividends is dependent on your full-investment and stakeholder participation among other equal members to fill both internal (cooperative) and external (public) roles.

Members that join (especially associates) are expected to work a minimum of nine hours weekly from home or from their office expressly for at least one or more projects per year. All Globcal International members pay monthly dues of $13-$50 monthly to remain classified as active members. The monthly dues provide authorized Globcal Network users unprecedented access to social media services, online systems, promotions, literature, telephone services, human resources, a post office, crowdfunding project production and much more.

To become a member you must be recommended personally to our commission by one of our international ambassadors or be nominated to our membership director for vetting. To join us as a Regular Member or to join as a new Associate Member please use PayPal. If you need to make payment arrangements or apply for a scholarship contact or contact the Executive Director, Ambassador Col. David J. Wright.

Stakeholders (Equal Owners)

All members that are fully apportioned having paid all of their dues and fees are considered to be a proportional 1/1000th owner in our cooperative enterprise globally. Including all our assets, when a member has paid forward all of their dues and fees in 'good standing' over a 12 month period they are issued a negotiable stakeholder's certificate, the title of "Honorable" and conferred upon by peers. Once a member has taken socially responsible ownership of a legal share in the organization their rights are protected for life and they are admitted for honors and accolades. 

Special Awards and Nominations

Once a member has been fully patronized and is recognized as honorable a new event is scheduled and supported by the fellowship to recognize their new collective owner. The result of this acknowledgement leads to nominations and commendations through members within honorable orders and social circles.

Among the honors we normally seek to distinguish our members with are those of the Freemen of London, Knight or Dame of a Noble Order, the Kentucky Colonel Commission, the Lifetime PhD, and the Texas Admiral all high honorary commissions that are recognized. Notable titles for our honorable fellows in recognition for deeds of goodwill, philanthropy, charity and benevolence. 

Legal Member Equality and Fairness in a Democracy

No member may own more than one full share, full shares are transferable and refundable. One share equals one vote. Sponsored shares that are negotiated under special terms or as scholarships are only valid during the lifetime of the original stakeholder. Partially apportioned stakeholders that quit or otherwise fail to completely become 100% apportioned are disqualified and forfeit their reserved share after two years of inactivity. Their share is administratively reclaimed by the organization and resold to benefit the organization's mission and general membership. 

Those who become inactive (for failure to pay dues or participate in projects) do not lose their shares or investments and can re-activate their legal standing at anytime. Inactive members that are suspended or excluded can reinstate themselves free of penalty (by paying a fee of $39 which is 3 months dues in advance) to recover their civil standing under probationary status by agreeing to become active for a period of at least three consecutive months (1 quarterly cycle).

As of May of 2023 legal stakeholders may resell, exchange or transfer their stakeholder share (once fully apportioned) after one full-year of good-standing status as an active member for it's current market (or face) value based on demand.

Supporting Memberships (Sponsors, NGOs, Cooperatives)

There are other non-voting classes of annual membership programs for those who support our events and projects that are recognized in news releases and by our public relations communications for the purpose of developing community friendships and collaborating with our multilateral purposes to promote themes, educational programs and objectives that fulfill the SDGs (Global Goals). Currently the program is being broadened and reformed to present these classes of membership creatively from within the individual programs.

Membership in Globcal International constitutes a partnership with its funding sources and program partners including the United Nations and other organizations.

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